Jan. 2019
Amazing Stories of Many Kinds:
Humans are essentially a meaning-seeking species – which is part of the reason that so much of the public experience in museums and exhibits is based on story-telling. Everyone uses narratives to organize, preserve and interpret their personal and collective memories.

Museum Planning Partners is a leader in the field of Interpretive Planning: the crafting and scripting of exhibition and public program experiences. But our creative narratives don’t just happen in museums; Hugh Spencer, our senior Interpretive Planner, is also a published novelist, short-story writer, and playwright with a growing body of critically acclaimed works. Most recently his novella
“Ammonite City” is being serialized in the winter and spring issues of the art and photography magazine Latent Image and this May a radio play version of his short story “The Triage Conference” will be performed at the Scripted Toronto New Writing Festival at Theatre Passe Muraille, in Toronto, Canada.
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Dec. 2018
New project announcement: Qalipu First Nations
Museum Planning Partners is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Qalipu First Nation in the refreshment of the K’Taqmkuk Mi’kmaw Museum in St. George’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Owned and operated by the St. George’s Indian Band, the Museum is the only official Mi’kmaq cultural and historic museum in Newfoundland. The Museum’s building has been an iconic focal point in the community of St. George’s and the surrounding area since the 19th century, having served as a courthouse, jail, police station, post office, medical clinic, and public health facility. Today, the building is a reflection of the community’s rich history.

MPP is proud to be working with Project Lead, Tract Consulting. MPP is responsible for providing Interpretive Planning services and, with Tract, is creating new visitor experiences that will appeal to the local community, Band members, and tourists alike.
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Nov. 2018
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
We are pleased as punch to announce that Nick Borcescu, MPP's Exhibit Designer & Masterplanner, has been recognized by membership in the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP - ACECP) based on the merits of his Canadian and international work over the past two decades.

CAHP – ACECP is a professional organization that serves qualified heritage professionals in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. CAHP – ACECP establishes standards of practice, shares knowledge about heritage conservation, and supports the involvement of heritage professionals whenever places of heritage value are being identified, preserved, restored and rehabilitated. As part of its mandate, the organization fosters and promotes public and legislative support for heritage conservation.
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