Museums are very complex and dynamic entities. Whether you are a mature museum with hundreds of professional staff or a start-up with just a vision and the

commitment of a few volunteers, Museum Planning Partners can support your team with museum operating and planning specialists with extensive global experience.

COMMUNITY CONSULTATION – to engage stakeholders and publics in active dialogues. MPP helps museums efficiently learn more about the expectations of their community partners and create effective responses.

Feasibility STUDIES – to prepare or test suggested capital or operating budgets on behalf of the client to determine if the available resources match the project's vision.

VALUES – to craft a core body of beliefs and practices that embody what the museum and its people stand for.

MISSION AND MANDATE – to define the role a museum will play in its community and the strategies for how it will achieve its goals.

Palestine Museum, Jordan Children's Museum, Massar Discovery Centre (Syria), African Museum (Toronto)

ARCHITECTURAL INTERFACE – to collaborate extensively with architects on building and renovation projects of all sizes and scales to help them find innovative ways to ensure international museum standards within creative architectural spaces

MUSEUM SYSTEM AND STANDARDS – to draw on our knowledge of collections, programme requirements and international standards to inform architectural and engineering teams on museum construction and renovation projects.

FUNCTIONAL SPACE PLANS – to prepare detailed programmes outlining the climate control, adjacency, security and access requirements for the museum building and setting.

the National Museum of Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia), Darat Al Malik Abdul Aziz (Saudi Arabia), the Grand Egyptian Museum (Egypt), ArtScience Museum (Singapore), the Foundation of the Hellenic World (Greece)

Business Plans – to provide financial analysis, market studies and partnership assessments to realistically inform museums of the resources they need.

Collections Assessment and Management – to advise museums on the most practical and responsible ways to care for their most precious resources.

Operational Policy Development – to chart a museum's short–term and long-term operations utilizing our wealth of policy and practice models, standards and precedents.

Staff Planning and Training – to draw upon our detailed knowledge of institutional types and human resource needs to generate staff organization plans and standards as well as training programmes for new and existing staff.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park (USA), the Aga Khan Museum (Canada), the National Cultural Foundation of Oman

INTERPRETATIVE PLANNING – to provide experienced staff in all phases of physical and virtual concept development including research, scripting, brief design, technical specializations, and visualization to communicate meaningful and accessible experiences.

EXHIBIT DESIGN MANAGEMENT – to manage the client's teams of designers, researchers, producers and interpretative planners directly or as the client's representative.

EXHIBIT EVALUATION – to integrate evaluation results into the exhibition project that are most useful to the design team and client.

MULTIMEDIA AND SOCIAL NETWORK DEVELOPMENT – to evaluate and produce cultural websites, AV and multimedia which more and more museums are using to extend their accessibility beyond their walls.

the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada), Massar Discovery Centre (Syria), Khalsa Heritage Centre (India), Samsung Children's Museum (China), Shalom Street (USA), Turtle Bay Exploration Park (USA)

Branding and Identity – to bring to cultural institutions, the same sophistication and skills used by large multi-national commercial corporations; MPP marries our research of the marketplace in the service of cultural industries.

Education and Children's Programmes – to merge the hopes and expectations of parents and teachers for their children and students with the museum's vision as an educational institution. MPP's specialists collaborate with clients and communities to craft engaging programmes for

children and their families and develop curriculum-relevant programmes for students for all types of cultural institutions.

Governance and Board Policies – to ensure that the business plans of the institution are supported by its governance and management policies. MPP uses its experience with governance and business models in differing legal regimes (EU, Asia, the Americas) to craft innovative corporate plans for the 21st century.

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (China), the National World War II Museum (USA), the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (China)