We believe in linking local client knowledge with our global expertise. We partner with our clients to find sustainable solutions to their unique situations within the norms of international best practice. Based on our years of hands-on operational experience, our goal is to deliver proven methodologies tailored to our clients’ particular needs and circumstances. In order to build partnerships with our clients, each and every project is assigned a MPP Partner to lead our project teams. In this way, every client has the ear of our Board. Every client is guaranteed a MPP leader

who is committed to ensuring satisfaction through collaborative partnership – because successful partnerships stand at the very core of our business. Museum Planning Partners had its genesis in 1997 as the museum advisory service of the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada’s largest museum. The practice was taken private in 2002, and registered in the United Kingdom as Cultural Innovations Ltd. After providing services in over fifteen countries spanning three continents, the Canadian partners have returned to Canada in 2010 as Museum Planning Partners.

Matt started his career in the dot com world, designing websites and interactive experiences. However his curiosity combined with distaste for life in a box drove him to experience all the disciplines the ad world had to offer. From branding, writing, print design, POS to television and radio commercial production, Matt has developed a broad knowledge base on which he can draw upon. As a creative director for various agencies, Matt has created award winning work for such clients as Nike, Chrysler/Jeep, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Bayer, Absolut and General Electric.

Throughout her career, Tatjana has always drawn upon the design philosophies and fundamentals she learned while studying at the Bauhaus. Tatjana's philosophy is

about form and function working in harmony with an understanding of the role that design plays. Her expertise in the field of branding and design has seen her speak and consult on the subject all over the world. From Australia to Paris and wide swaths of North America, Tatjana has become an in-demand voice on the scene. She has created award winning campaigns for such clients as Toyota, Mövenpick, Canon, NFL Network, Procter&Gamble and Saar Energie.

Working as a team they bring their varied experience together in a dynamic one/two punch. Design and strategy working together on a common goal.

  • Matt Barnett
    2000 Graphic Design Diploma
  • Tatjana
    2003 Honours Degree in Design & Communication
Favourite projects include:
  • Callaway Golf
  • Nadédge Patisserie
  • Canon Cinema Caravan
  • Nike Sparq Training
  • NFL Combine
  • Toyota (Germany)

Experience with a wide variety of public and private sector organizations has taught Leslie that museums are among the most complex business organizations to map. A museum's public services encompass multiple lines of business including entertainment (shows and admissions), hospitality (restaurants and events), loyalty programs (memberships), fundraising, retailing, research and education, all of which are in addition to support functions such as finance and administration. Capturing the essence of any of client's

operations is part science, part art. Leslie brings to each assignment the 'science' portion of the analysis – rigorous analytical techniques and a fiercely logical approach to representing an organization's requirements. The 'art' portion is achieved only by working closely with her clients to accurately represent their vision, history and practices - all of which make them unique.

  • 1980 MBA (Management Information Systems)
  • 1978 Bachelors of Commerce (Honours)
Favourite projects include:
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Economics and Transportation, Ontario
  • Ministry of Education, Training, Colleges and Universities, Ontario
  • Ministry of Advanced Education, British Columbia
  • Canadian Securities Association
  • Ministry of Agriculture/Ministry of Environment

Understanding that museums are social spaces for community engagement drives Linda's enthusiasm. Museums are catalysts for personal discovery and community conversation through the presentation of meaningful objects, thought-provoking exhibitions, and innovative programmes. A museum's role in the community is defined and strengthened not only by the project outcomes, but also by the quality of the planning process which engages the people in planning their future. Bringing her passion and deep understanding of strategic and interpretive planning helps Linda's clients create multigenerational learning

environments that speak to community relevancy and engagement. Linda understands the different ways in which communities and museums relate and how generational differences in communities directly impact how they connect to the exhibits and programmes being created.

Linda is a member of the Association of Children's Museums, the Canadian Museums Association, and the American Association of Museums.

  • 1996 Master of Museum Studies
  • 1994 Master of Arts (Classics)
  • 1990 Bachelors of Arts (Honours, Classics)
Favourite projects include:
  • Massar Discovery Centre: Damascus, Syria
  • Grand Egyptian Museum: Cairo, Egypt
  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Qattara Arts Centre: Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
  • Palestinian Museum: Birzeit, Palestine
  • National Children's Museum of Jordan: Amman, Jordan

Hugh's family celebrated Canada's Centennial year by driving 3000 km across the country to visit Expo 67 in Montreal. For a ten year old boy it was like a visit to the 25th Century. It was there that he discovered how exciting learning can be. Museums and exhibitions have been an essential part of his personal and professional life – starting with the discovery of fossils and projectile points on the family farm, to decades of collaborating with multicultural communities around the world to help them create programmes and

services that match their vision. He has been privileged to work with people creating new institutions and new experiences discovering the unique perspectives and resources his clients and partners bring to the process.

Hugh is a member of ICOM, the Canadian Museums Association, the Ontario Museums Association, and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

  • 1985 Master of Museum Studies
  • 1981 Master of Arts (Anthropology)
  • 1979 Bachelors of Arts (Anthropology)
Favourite projects include:
  • Canadian Museum for Human Rights: Winnipeg, Canada
  • Khalsa Heritage Centre: Anandpur Sahib, India
  • Canada Pavilion at EXPO '93: Taejon, South Korea
  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum: Hong Kong, China
  • Malay Heritage Centre: Singapore
  • Lexington Children's Museum: Lexington, USA
  • Samsung Children's Museum: Seoul, South Korea
  • Singapore Discovery Centre: Singapore
  • Experience Music Project in Seattle, USA

Robert started his museum career at the age of five when he became fascinated by a display of fluorescent minerals at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Museums have been his life-long school. He has visited over 1500 museums and studied various aspects of more than 675 museums on five continents. He has worked in, or directly with, virtually every department in a museum and led teams of designers, interpretive planners, policy developers, and provided logistical support for field teams in 15 countries from the great lakes of Africa to the great lakes of Arctic Canada. Whether as Board Secretary (to five museum

or foundation boards), museum Vice President, or as an international consultant, in 38 years of museum experience, he has been taught by some of the greatest thinkers in museum planning and operations in countries as diverse as China, Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa and of course the United States.

Robert is a member of ICOM, the American Association of Museums, and the Canadian Museums Association.

  • 1971 Bachelor of Science (Geology)
Favourite projects include:
  • National Museum of Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Turtle Bay Museums and Arboretum: Redding, USA
  • Royal Ontario Museum: Toronto, Canada
  • Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts: Toronto, Canada
  • Cultural Foundation of Oman: Muscat, Oman
  • Children's Museum of Jordan: Amman, Jordan
  • Museum of Islamic Arts: Doha, Qatar
  • Ocean Journey (Aquarium): Denver, USA
  • Grand Egyptian Museum: Cairo, Egypt